Could Brawn end up at Ferrari?

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    Could Brawn end up at Ferrari?

    Post by Ross on 6th December 2008, 16:42

    I have had a brainwave. Now don't think this is a rumour, it is just an unprovoked pondering, but could the demise of Honda mean Ross Brawn could return to Honda?

    In late 2007, Ross Brawn joined Honda after ten years as Ferrari technical director, being a part of the 'dream team' throughout the Schumacher era. When he joined as team principal in November after a year's sabatical, he said: "The team has already done a great job of giving due consideration to its future and has spent a good deal of time putting in place both people and first class engineering resources to achieve its ambitions. I look forward to working alongside what I know to be some very talented people and helping Honda to rediscover its winning ways."

    After a dismal 2007, a fifth place for Button in China being the highlight, Brawn was hailed as a savior to the team, despite taking a back-seat role for the first few months after his arrival. Jenson Button appeared modest about the new arrival, but that smirk of confidence was always there.

    Honda's fortunes in 2008 never really improved, despite a podium for Barrichello after an ingenious Brawn-style strategy choice, and on Friday morning Honda announced their withdrawal from Formula One, putting Button, Barrichello and 700 other Brackley-based employees' jobs in jeopardy.

    Thirty six hours after this shock announcement, and there are all kinds of rumours floating about. None, however, about the future of Ross Brawn.

    It is said that should whomever buys Honda want to keep its workers and management, Brawn would stay alongside Nick Fry at the helm of the team. However the chances are that if someone does decide to invest in Formula One during the current recession and financial crisis, they will be a large corporate company who are either already a part of the motoring industry and want to employ their own workers, or they won't want to be associated with Honda and be known as their own team.

    Whatever, Ross Brawn is stuck in the middle - have a half-completed car that can't be tested until all the paperwork and financial issues are solved, which probably won't be until at least mid-February, or leave as soon as possible meaning he has a greater chance of finding a decent position for 2009, but risk having nowhere to go.

    Brawn has so much technical genious, leave him alone and he could single handedly make a car a tenth of a second per lap quicker. On top of that, his mind is like one of the multi-million dollar supercomputers that teams lock away in their headquarters and only take out for special occasions. There is no better word to describe Brawn than genious. The man is, and this is no hyperbole, God in human form. In terms of motorsport, of course.

    So finding a position, and a very high one at that, should be a walk in the park for Brawn. But as Bruno Senna will tell you, it is not easy to find a job in Formula One, no matter how talented you may be. Even Ross Brawn, with his years of experience, and the success that came with it, could struggle.

    Now, you would expect that Ferrari, for the first time ever, would play back up to someone if the person in question was their technical director for 10 years. And they may. However, Ferrari are now in the stage where they have finished sorting out who will be doing what for 2009, and are fully focussing on the car and their campaign set to begin in March.

    So even the lord almighty has to try sometimes, and as if working at Honda for 12 months wasn't hard enough, Ross Brawn has an even steeper uphill struggle in the months ahead.

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    Re: Could Brawn end up at Ferrari?

    Post by Leks on 8th December 2008, 04:03

    It's a good post, but I dont think he will. He should stick with Honda's next buyers, probably Petrobras because they have ALOT of money and can be competitive.

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