The new Lambo

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    The new Lambo

    Post by Ross on 24th November 2008, 03:58

    Lamborghini Estoque

    Measuring 5.15 meters long, the unique Estoque, which we dare call a sedan, carries a front end in familiar Lamborghini style with gaping diamond shaped air intake scoops linked by a lower spoiler. The aggressive design caries through into the hood with its v-shaped noise and sharply cut side vents. Under the hood we are likely to find the 560 hp V10 from the Gallardo LP 560-4, and of course with all-wheel-drive.

    Although the Estoque is presented in concept form, indicates that a production version is planned to arrive as early as 2010. With the support of parent company, VW Group, variants of the Estoque could include a supercharged V8, a hybrid and even a top-range diesel engine – most likely the V12 TDI from the Audi Q7.

    It was on Top Gear last night. Wow, I'd love to be dropped off at college in that.

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    Re: The new Lambo

    Post by Leks on 24th November 2008, 07:27

    Does look very nice. They made 4 door sedan with a lambo badge actually look like a lambo. Good job.


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    Re: The new Lambo

    Post by in.s@ne on 8th January 2009, 05:35

    The Diesel and Hybrid engines won't come out... guaranteed.

    It does look good though, except you'll need to picture a hard top roof which will definitely feature on the production version.

    The V10 from the new Gallardo will be in there I would reckon, so you'd need deep pockets for the fuel

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    Re: The new Lambo

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