F1: Mark Webber Injured.

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    F1: Mark Webber Injured.

    Post by Mike on 22nd November 2008, 06:32


    Mark Involved in Cycling Accident During the Challenge
    22 November 2008 | 11:18pm

    22 November, 2008

    Mark Webber was involved in a collision with a motor vehicle while cycling on the roads around Port Arthur, Tasmania, on the penultimate day of his annual charity adventure racing event, the Pure Tasmania Challenge, today.

    Mark was treated immediately at the scene by event medical staff before being transferred to a Tasmanian hospital where a rod was inserted in his right leg. The surgery was a success and Mark is now very focussed on his rehabilitation. Mark suffered no other injuries from the accident, other than some bruising and a scratch on his left arm.

    It is likely that Mark will remain in Tasmania for a few days before continuing his recovery in Europe.

    While it looks like Mark is out of the winter testing programme, it is fully expected he will make the starting grid in Melbourne next March.

    Mark has said he's relieved to know the driver of the motor vehicle was uninjured and expressed his thanks to the many well wishes from family, friends and supporters.

    Update :Webber has surgery on broken leg

    By Matt Beer Saturday, November 22nd 2008, 09:25 GMT

    Mark WebberMark Webber has undergone surgery on a broken right leg after being involved in a road accident during his charity event in Tasmania earlier today.

    The Red Bull driver was taking part in one of the cycling elements of the Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge when he collided head-on with a car near Port Arthur just after midday local time.

    He was airlifted to hospital, with initial reports suggesting he had sustained multiple fractures, but it now appears that the broken right leg is his only serious injury.

    Event director Geoff Donohue said that the operation was a success and hoped that Webber's recovery would be swift.

    "The surgery is complete, a pin inserted and the recovery begins," Donohue was quoted as saying by the BBC.

    "Mark's in good spirits. The broken leg is the injury, and beyond that, he's in really good shape.

    "He has a little bit of a graze on his left forearm, but he has had full scans and everything else is clear.

    "He'll be in hospital for at least three days, for sure under a week. I was speaking to him before the operation, and he was already thinking about his rehabilitation.

    "I suspect that as soon as Mark is able to fly, they will be keen to get him back to Europe.

    "They will have people working out his rehab programme now with a view to getting him up and going as soon as possible."

    Webber's annual charity event covers 250 kilometres on mountain bikes, kayaks and via trekking over five days in Tasmania.



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