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    IMPORTANT: Rules

    Post by Ross on 13th November 2008, 07:43

    If you are an aspiring journalist, or simply just a big fan of motorsport, this is the place to submit your articles!

    All you have to do is write up your race reviews, previews, headlines or gossip columns and post them in this forum, and everyone can read them!

    There are a few ground rules, of course:

    • Do not plagerise or copy news articles from elsewhere, unless you write the name of the source clearly at the top of the post.
    • Do not post rumours, unless you clearly state that it is a rumour and not an official story.
    • Do not be biased and say that a driver or team is better than another.
    • Do not make anything up in an attempt to start a rumour - it is against the law.
    • Stay on topic - don't start talking about drivers' personal lives, we are here for the motorsport.

    Again, malicious or false accusations and attempts to damage a person's reputation are strictly forbidden and your post will be deleted without notice.

    Have fun posting, we can't wait to see what stories interest you!

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