The Big Picture - January 2010

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    The Big Picture - January 2010

    Post by Ross on 22nd January 2010, 06:57

    Every week we scour the internet to find the picture that we think best sums up the week's motorsport, and news stories provided enough of a spectacle this week...

    Taking the lead

    Fernando Alonso takes the lead as Ferrari's drivers take to the slopes at Ferrari's annual Wrooom event at Madonna di Campiglio. Every driver has their quiet little ways of suggesting that they want to be team leader, some not so subtle - like Schumacher asking to switch to a higher number - and others less obvious, like Alonso deciding to take the lead from Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella in Italy's Dolomites. A sign of things to come?

    This week's picture came courtesy of BBC F1 and Getty images, with kind permission of Ferrari.

    To suggest a picture you feel is worthy of recognition in The Big Picture, simply PM me or email with a link to the picture and its original source!

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