Five reasons to love Fernando Alonso

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    Five reasons to love Fernando Alonso

    Post by Ross on 12th December 2009, 14:22

    Not that I think Raikkonen will be hard to replace at Ferrari - he was a boring back-stabber who had lost his mojo - but I've been trying to get myself to like Fernando as much as I do Felipe, so I can be a true Ferrari fan - and it hasn't been that hard.

    Here are five reasons to love him and his ability:

    1. ITV's F1 website this year wrote that 'It's always safe to assume that Alonso is doing something brilliant even if it's under the radar.' This is absolutely spot on. The man is a genius, and he always - ALWAYS - has something amazing up his sleeve. You can't ever doubt that he could just jump to the front and win the race, unless of course he has retired. Hey, anything is possible though.

    2. The quote "I like America, and I think probably the American people like me". They don't Fernando, they like Lewis, but you've gotta have confidence to win and with Alonso it comes by the bucket.

    3. Singapore '08. He did know about crash-gate, in fact it was probably his idea. If so, it highlights his ability to form a brilliant bond with his superiors and manufacture a group of people to work so reliably around him. He had Renault wrapped around his little finger, and that race showed that.

    4. People said his McLaren stint portrayed Alonso as the crybaby he is. But let's look at the facts: Ron can't keep a team and even though Alonso left on a very low note, he doesn't seem to bothered to be partnering Massa next season.

    5. He's cute. Not in the 'Aww look at the puppy' sort of way, and not in the Zac Efron way. But in the way that he can win, and he will win, at all costs, and if he is accused of cheating, he will simply reply "No I didn't" and give a cheeky grin, and even though in our brains he may have done wrong, a small part of our hearts forgive him there and then. Bit like Schumacher, a bit like Kimi. Definitely not like Lewis.

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