The new Kia Soul



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    The new Kia Soul

    Post by in.s@ne on 26th April 2009, 01:48

    The new Kia Soul

    Presumably the worst looking car in history, Kia has now released it's SOUL for the younger market.
    OK, in the right colours it looks quite nice, but in a response to Bugatti's "Build your own Bug", Kia have released a "Design your own Soul", so I couldn't resist trying to build the ugliest one possible.
    You can get a selection of 1.6 Petrol or Diesel, both in Automatic and Manual forms, all for a very reasonable price.
    The most important question: Who can make the most hideous Kia?

    My shot is up the top...

    Can you beat this?

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    Re: The new Kia Soul

    Post by Ross on 26th April 2009, 15:41

    Michael this is a final warning - if you EVER post anything like that again without at least putting CAUTION: UGLY in the title, I will kill you.

    That really is vile lol

    Thanks for that.. insight.. in what to expect for 2009's ugly side haha

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