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    Turn Two rebranding

    Post by Turn Two on 12th April 2009, 09:24

    As you may have noticed, we have a brand new name for Turn Two Motoring Forum! Since we are now no longer simply a forum, but also a news site, we therefore have become a hub for motorsport updates. We have decided to ditch the 'motoring' and focus primarily on motorsport and racing, but the forum will be unchanged and the motoring section will remain.

    As part of our rebranding scheme, we have now become Turn Two Motorsport Hub.

    We will still, of course, be known as Turn Two, just our full name has changed, along with the redirection URL. We will advertise as www.turntwo.co.uk, but this URL will redirect straight to www.turn-two-motorsport-hub.com. This does not affect the way our addresses are used, feel free to use any of our internet addresses, the following are still fully functional:


    It is also worth noting that previous cookies will no longer be functional since the change of redirection URL, therefore until you manually log-in for the first time, no previous passwords will be saved. If you forget your password, either use the 'Forgotten your password' feature on the Log-In page, or email help@turntwo.co.uk.

    For any further updates, improvements or changes to the way Turn Two is run, be sure to check back to the Announcements section of the forum at http://www.turn-two-motorsport-hub.com/forum.htm

    Best regards,

    Turn Two Administration


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