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    Post by Ross on 1st April 2009, 08:49

    Alan Gow, Championship Administrator of the BTCC (He's like Bernie in F1), answered my question!!

    Hi Alan,

    I really enjoy reading your sarcastic yet witty replies to some of the questions people ask - it brings a bit of life and charisma to general motorsport authority.

    We've heard opinions from all of the experts and pundits such as Tim Harvey, but I was wondering how you think the season will shape up - do you think it will be more or less competitive than last year, for instance?



    Pretty much every season people wonder the same thing...and pretty much every season the championship ends up being as incredibly competitive as ever.

    One would have to go back a great many years to remember a BTCC that was either dull, uncompetitive or a foregone conclusion. In fact, I can't think of one.

    So, yes, I have little doubt it will be a very competitive season - in my view there are at least 7 drivers who are all genuine outright championship contenders (no, I won't be naming them) and more than that number who are genuine probable race winners.

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