Q1 is over



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    Q1 is over

    Post by in.s@ne on 28th March 2009, 00:27

    Q1 is over, BrawnGP go 1 and 2, Hamilton just scrapes through

    Source: The Daily Telegraph

    I'll be brief, as Q2 is about the begin.
    The end of Q1 saw Lewis Hamilton qualify in 15th, just making the cut for Q2, and also saw BrawnGP take both 1st and 2nd position.

    It seems teams have not been showing their hand, with Ferrari also being strong, and Toyota, at least initially, struggling for pace.

    The interesting thing now as Q2 begins will be whether or not Renault and McLaren will make it through to Q3, or whether or not they'll both be cut after this session.

    The heat will be on!

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