Nick to get KERS, Kubica to driver without.

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    Nick to get KERS, Kubica to driver without.

    Post by Mike on 26th March 2009, 14:00

    Nick Heidfeld's BMW-Sauber F1.09, but not that of his teammate Robert Kubica, will be fitted with an active KERS system for the Australian grand prix weekend.

    The news was confirmed not only by German Heidfeld, 31, but also his team boss Mario Theissen.

    The reason for the split strategy is due to the weight of the drivers: while diminutive Heidfeld is perhaps the lightest in the entire 2009 field, Kubica - one of the tallest drivers - would have made his F1.09 ten kilograms overweight had he elected to run KERS.

    "The regulations mean that heavy drivers are disadvantaged," Theissen said in Melbourne.

    He added that he hopes an advantageous KERS solution will be able to be devised for Kubica, for deployment later this season.


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