Why Ferrari race

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    Why Ferrari race

    Post by Ross on 25th March 2009, 08:01

    I was scanning through the updated BBC website on F1 and reading an interview with Ferrari's team principal, Stefano Dominicali.

    They asked him a question that you would expect a typical 'racing is in our blood' answer for, and it started off like that, but then he said something interesting:

    Why do Ferrari race?

    "Because, as I said, racing is part of our DNA, since the beginning of our history. Racing is mainly our promotional tool - we do not do any kind of advertising - and our living R&D department for our road cars."

    It was pretty obvious if you think about it, Eddie Jordan's said it, but when the team principal admits it, I don't know, I think it kind of voids some of Ferrari's racing heritage and passion.

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