Updates: profile, posting, reputation

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    Updates: profile, posting, reputation

    Post by Ross on 23rd March 2009, 11:22

    As you may have noticed, we have added some new updates to the forum.

    We now have a system whereby users can quote more than one person to reply to, by clicking the multi-quote button at the bottom of posts. Click this as many times as necessary and then click 'Post Reply' and each post will be quoted.

    We have also updated user profiles as follows:

    There are different tab such as:
    - The user messages: You can write a message on the profile of a member.
    - The friends list.
    - Statistics.
    - Contact information: You can contact the member.
    - The fields of the profile

    We have added new profile fields, more will be created in the near future, we will also soon be opening a place where you can suggest some features to add to the user profiles, such as galleries, etc.

    There is also a new reputation system - click here for more.

    Updates will be ongoing over the next week and will be centred around these new features. We will also be letting you know what features to expect into the summer.

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