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    Reputation system

    Post by Ross on 23rd March 2009, 10:53

    We have now added a new reputation system, whereby members can add to someone's reputation if they like a post made, or give negative reputation if not!

    The more interesting the posts you make, the higher your reputation level!

    You will now see a button to the right of every post made that looks like this:



    Simply click the + button to add to the user's reputation, also known as '+repping', or the - button to give negative reputation - '-repping'.

    The more +rep a member receives, the higher the number of reputation points he/she has. These are displayed in user profiles and to the left of every message a user posts. For one +rep, a user's reputation point count will be increased by one, and vice versa for -rep.

    This system will be moderated and a limit to the amount a person can give out reputation will be applied if the system is abused, for instance if a member continually gives out negative rep.

    Best of luck on increasing your reputation!

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