Dorna say MotoGP race weekends will become two-day events from 2010

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    Dorna say MotoGP race weekends will become two-day events from 2010

    Post by Ross on 23rd March 2009, 01:13

    No Friday sessions for MotoGP

    Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta expects MotoGP events to become two-day meetings from 2010, as part of the next round of cost-cutting measures that the teams will discuss later this month.

    Ezpeleta has confirmed that the 2010 changes will be agreed during the Jerez test that takes place next weekend.

    Friday morning sessions have already been cancelled for this season, but all track activity on the current opening day is set to cease next year. In addition, Ezpeleta expects spare bikes to be banned and a rule introduced to encourage promising rookie riders to start with private teams.

    "At Jerez, during the tests, we'll meet to decide the 2010 regulations," he was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

    "We'll surely cancel Fridays, which will be dedicated to promotional activity. There won't be spare bikes anymore, and we'll talk about the possibility of using the same engine for three races.

    "The rule whereby rookies can't join a works team is also likely to be approved."

    But one measure that won't take place is the introduction of a class championship for the non-factory bikes.

    "I thought I could help by giving them official recognition," said Ezpeleta. "For a team like Gresini's, to be able to say 'we are privateers world champions' could have been something important to pitch to sponsors.

    "But they told me it would look like a demotion to secondary league, so I accept this criticism. It won't get done."

    Ezpeleta is confident that the rules changes will help MotoGP stay healthy through the economic downturn.

    "We don't know how long the crisis will last, and 2010 could be even tougher," he said. "But I have faith in the strength of this sport. I'm almost certain that next year we'll have 20 riders on the track out of a maximum which I feel should be 22."

    He rejected criticism that MotoGP had not responded to the crisis as rapidly or effectively as Formula 1.

    "I won't judge the latest moves, they must have their own reasons," said Ezpeleta. "But if there's anyone who's done well and (acted) quickly in facing the crisis, then it's the bike world, thanks to the agreement between us, the federation, and the manufacturers.

    "The others can regulate themselves the way they see fit, but I think in the end it will be them looking up at what we did."


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