More Reasons to watch Turn Two this March

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    More Reasons to watch Turn Two this March

    Post by Mike on 6th March 2009, 04:30

    1) The Formula One season gets under way!

    2) BrawnGP- How will they perform? With brains aswell as brawn will they defy the odds and score a good haul of points in Aus? or will they wither and die at the back?

    3) Batracer - Recently Myself, Alex and Ross have joined the Online racing management game, Batracer. We would love to have enough members to do our own TurnTwo Batracer Champ. Keep an eye on the forums.

    4) MotoGP Kicks off!

    5) With BTCC starting in early April, now the cars and drivers are being showcased.

    Stay tuned to the fourms, this season wont disappoint!


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