Five news stories to keep you hooked to Turn Two

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    Five news stories to keep you hooked to Turn Two

    Post by Ross on 18th February 2009, 12:24

    It's simple - here's why you should stick with over the next few months!

    1. Honda's buy-out: Speculation is not uncommon between motorsport fans, and what better opportunity to delve deep into the realms of gossip than the endless rumours surrounding Honda, its F1 withdrawal and its potential buyers. And speculation is ripe with the latest news that Virgin's Richard Branson is looking to extend his multi-billion dollar business into the world of motorsport. Rumours have it that the Brit is "in talks" with Honda's owners over a potential purchase of the Brackley-based team.

    2. Testing gets underway: And it's not just any old testing, we are now heading into single figures of the number of days teams are scheduled to test before F1's season opener in Melbourne on March 27th - 29th. And as if the clock's ever continuous ticking on amount of track time available wasn't enough, the Formula One teams have to cope with the stresses of getting their 2009-spec cars up-to-scratch and get their KERS systems up and running, now that the FIA has issued a ban on in-season testing. We're in for a tense month.

    3. 2009 car launches: The excitement over the look and performance of new cars may be dying down somewhat, but speculation is ripe, and we are still waiting for launch dates of the Force India, Toro Rosso and whoever takes over Honda. And F1's big guns aren't afraid to express their opinions, so there's no doubt we'll be hearing opinions from many of the sport's leading experts on each team's car. BTCC are also very active on the launch front, and March 17th will be the big day where the media can get a good look at every team's car and driver line-up at the event at Rockingham.

    4. Injuries: We've all heard about Mark Webber's Tasmanian incident, but he's not the only one. MotoGP stars have found themselves in what can only be described as a recent luck-void, with Rossi, Stoner and Toseland all injuring themselves, albeit the former during a domestic incident. BTCC's Jason 'Hobbling' Hughes is also recovering, after receiving surgery to his knee. The KWR driver will be out of action on crutches for the rest of the months, so Turn Two will bring you the updates on drivers' fractures, breaks and bruises.

    5. Controversies: Not surprisingly, this is mainly surrounding Formula 1, but it is as interesting as ever to find out what disputes have erupted over the first weeks of 2009, and driver license fees seem to be at the heart of it all so far. Drivers disagree with the huge price hikes in the cost of racing in F1, but Max Mosley is defending his position on the matter, saying that prices are perfectly reasonable. Perhaps the most interesting statistic to emerge has been in this week's Autosport magazine, reporting that with Kimi Raikkonen's 2009 salary estimated to be £23.5m, and his superlicense fee subsequently being £146,630, the amount he pays will work out to be the equivalent of just £150 to the average annual UK salary of £24,000...

    So there we have it, if you could think of no reasons what-so-ever to keep checking back at Turn Two over the next few months, there are five perfectly valid excuses. Enjoy your stay Razz

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