Red Bull's new RB5 revealed

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    Red Bull's new RB5 revealed

    Post by Ross on 9th February 2009, 05:41

    Red Bull Racing has unveiled its new RB5 design at the Jerez circuit.

    The latest RBR machine was one of the most eagerly-anticipated of the 2009 cars, as the team's design ace Adrian Newey has often stolen a march on his rivals at times of major regulation change - such as when his McLarens dominated the 1998 season in the first year of narrow chassis and grooved tyres.

    Newey said the new rules meant this year's Red Bull had almost nothing in common with its predecessor.

    “2009 arguably sees the biggest rule change since flat bottoms were introduced in 1983, a very major change," he said.

    "We have taken a clean sheet, blue-sky approach, looking at the implications of these rules and how to interpret them, while not changing things simply for the sake of it.

    "Apart from the gearbox internals, there is hardly any carry-over from RB4.”

    The RB5 features a Renault Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which has been installed at the bottom of the fuel tank, and an improved engine from the French manufacturer thanks to the FIA giving dispensation for upgrades during the winter.

    Like the challenge posed by KERS for all teams, Newey says RBR has worked on finding the best solution for where to situate the system in the car.

    “We use a battery storage [KERS] system, which is heavy and therefore affects weight distribution on the car," he said.

    "After everything is packaged in the usual manner, driver, fuel cell, engine, gearbox, you then have to find somewhere for KERS, while maintaining fuel tank capacity and achieving the weight distribution target.

    "RB5 carries its KERS in the base of the fuel tank.”

    The car was described in advance by Mark Webber as one of the best looking cars of the new small-winged generation and has a notably slimmer nose section than many of its rivals, a more intricate front wing, and sculpted rear bodywork.

    It also has a unique rear suspension solution, and appears to be lower-line than rival cars, suggesting a lower centre of gravity.

    Red Bull took a deliberate decision to delay the car's unveiling because it reckoned having extra time to perfect the design was more important than early test mileage.

    Webber will make his comeback after breaking a leg in a winter cycling accident on Wednesday, with his new team-mate Sebastian Vettel handling the first two days of testing in the new car.

    A modified version of the RB5 fitted with a Ferrari engine will be supplied to sister team Toro Rosso.

    Recently re-signed STR driver Sebastien Bourdais said last week that his team does not expect to receive the new car until early March, so will continue testing with a hybrid 2008 chassis.

    Sebastian Vettel shook down the new car at Jerez

    Red Bull have take a more radical approach in building their new car

    Vettel and Mark Webber will be driving the RB5 in 2009

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